sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2008

Yumeiho = Symmetry

Yumeiho is a massage therapy which one of it's primarily objectives is to give back it's symmetry to the body.
Many of us are aware of the length difference of our legs. It is very rare to find someone with both legs with the same longitude. This difference comes from a mispositioned pelvis in it's sacroiliac joint.
When the legs haven't the same size, the body weight isn't equally distributed on both legs. That is, for example, if somebody is 60 kilograms, we would think that the body weight is equally distributed: 30 kilograms on the left, and 30 on the right leg. But surprisingly that is not the case most of the times. Our body weight is unequally distributed, resulting in imbalances not only in the lower part of the body, but also in the pelvis, spine, back, torso neck, arms, etc.
Those imbalances can cause pain, and sooner or later that pain may lead to more serious problems in the body.
Yumeiho consist of diverse massage techniques, osteoarticular readjustments and manipulations, all of them intended to re balance the body.

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