viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008

Yumeiho Origins

Here's an extract of the Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy book, written by Saionji Masayuki, creator of Yumeiho, where he explains the origins of this Therapy:

"My teacher, Shuichi Ohno, attracted by the Chinese martial art of Chuan Fa, went to China at the age of 16. He learned the Reposition Therapy which was part of the martial art during his stay that lasted until World War II ended in 1945. He studied a variety of therapies after returning home, establishing a therapy of his own by combining basics of the Reposition Therapy with merits of the therapies he had learnt".

Ohno Sensei

"Through his writings, I came to know Mr. Ohno, and engrossed myself in learning the marvelous achievements made by his therapy. It is not exaggeration to say I devoted my whole youth to studying the therapy.
Then, I worked out a new therapeutic system comprising 100 different patterns of therapy, and named it the 'Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy' with the consent of my teacher”.

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