martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

Yumeiho, an international experience

Yesterday I came to Yumeiho Center which is located in Okachimachi in the middle of Ameyoko, in Tokyo, Japan.
I hadn't been here for eight months, last time I met Maciej Dlusky, a great teacher and friend from Poland. Yesterday I met a teacher from Mongolia, he came here to get his fourth Yumeiho grade, he was here for a week and diligently practiced in order to get his exam right. His technique is great. His name, impossible to spell is Myagmarsuren Dashnyam, he has a clinic in Ulan Bator where he works and teaches with other 8 Yumeiho therapists.
(From left to right: the teachers Myagmarsuren, Watanabe, Shigeru and me)
I remembered how my teacher made so many efforts in order to propagate Yumeiho around the world, and now, 30 years later, thanks to him, I can really experience the internationality of Yumeiho.

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Najoe dijo...

Hi. I wish to learn. Where can i learn? I willing to travel to japan.
Hopefully you can share with me the location of the school.

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